circling overhead

Carrionbirds roost;

feign sympathy, black-feathered.

Cautiously closing.


Quietly they pick memory clean of scraps,

the ravens, ravenous.


Her breath in soft plumes froze and glittered.

Snow to eyelash bound.

Danced on ice, fearing not its breaking;

awoke ourselves to winter.

ex spiritus pausa

Filled lungs halfway,

stopped expansions and contractions,

lived in that stable moment for a long time.

Air suspended.

missing cat poster

What % of the world’s total cat population is “lost”? Hard to get a precise statistic on lost things. Often, you don’t even know they are.

for, and against gravity

Drops refuse themselves and hang instead suspended:

resolutely undescended.

Coalescing sigh escapes her;

born & borne by pregnancy of vapor.


There is no difference between as if and as though, but there is a difference between even if and even though: uncertainty and certainty.